Best Designer Handbag Hire Downunder 2023

Best Designer Handbag Hire Downunder 2023

LUXE Lend is the latest ultimate luxury designer handbag hire site to discover now.

Your invitation only, front-row seat to the best designer handbag hire platform of 2023

LUXE Lend is "luxury without limits"  and this being said, could not be closer to the truth. Allow me to break this down for you, as a self-proclaimed 'luxury enthusiast' I would like to solidify this statement.. this is the most exquisite and profound designer handbag collection available for hire in 2023.

With a vision to empower you, do you think a Hermes Birkin 25, will do just that? AHHH yes doll, it will. 

This designer handbag hire platform you would anticipate to be paved with gold, the hardware on the luxury merchandise might be, but let's get down to business.  

Hermes, Dior, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Venetta, Gucci, Balmain, Valentino, and Prada just to name drop a few.

It is as if you died and went to luxury heaven, well in this case we did. Showcasing the iconic styles from the luxury fashion houses themselves we were able to experience our styling session with the LUXE Lend Group and check out firsthand the luxury designer handbag fleet that is launching online for hire in October 2023.

The opportunity to hire one of these pieces is quite a unique experience and one that we can't wait to take advantage of. It certainly allows you to put your best-styled self forward, without the robust price tag. 

In my hot little hands, nervous I decided to take the leap and dive right into the deep. Hermes Kelly Mini it is, let me tell you, it lives up to and surpasses all my expectations. Not only is the waitlist extensive for this bag, but it is also almost a needle in a haystack to be offered the opportunity to purchase. 

LUXE Lend Hermes Kelly Mini II for hire 

Regardless of your style confines, LUXE Lend offers a multitude of diverse designer handbags and luxuries for hire, from monochrome magnets to vivid color vixens! Oh and not to be forgotten a lush garden party floral print or two. Que the Louis Vuitton Nano Bucket. 

Luxe Lend Louis Vuitton Nano Bucket for hire

In addition to all the handbag hype, they have thought of it all. You can add on a simple twill, belt, brooch, earrings, or hair accessory. Twill? you ask, yes, for all of us new to the fashion ministry, a simple scarf. This adds a level of individual character and flair, also if used as a handbag scarf aids in protecting the leather handle from wear and tear. We also hear they are named as a 2023 trend for the Spring Summer Race season. 

LUXE Lend Dior Granville Mitzah Scarf Twill for hire 

I think the idea of renting designer belts excites me the most, can I tell you, the number of times I have wanted to buy trending styles, like this pearl Gucci belt and I just can't do it, worrying that the trends will move on, but my wallet won't. Now with hire prices, I can hire the latest designer trends on demand at a fraction of the cost and have it delivered directly to my door.

LUXE Lend Gucci Peal Double G belt for hire 


Final touches on the perfect styled outfit, again they have thought of it all. 


LUXE Lend Dior 'CD' Navy Brooch for hire

LUXE Lend Saint Laurent (YSL) Monogram Earrings for hire


LUXE Lend Chanel Pearl and Crystal Hair Clip for hire


Opting to continue the conversation over sparkling water, as it was too early for champagne, given the circumstances and surroundings however it may have been more appropriate.

Down to the detail, founded by a plethora of style expertise, the group is backed by private investors who have their finger on the pulse when it comes to market success and driving the circular fashion economy. Not only was LUXE Lend foundation built on the ethos of luxury without limits, empowering and facilitating your everyday person the opportunity to experience design and luxury, but they are also doing their part for the environment working hand in hand with the circular fashion movement. 

Designer handbag hire with LUXE Lend will be available Australia-wide, Gold Coast and Brisbane offer same-day delivery, talk about exceeding expectations, if you are in a style emergency a point to point delivery is available upon request, let's call it Uber LUXE. 

Designer bag hire for Sunshine Coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth is available through Australia Post Express shipping. 

The process is as easy as 1,2,3.

One, Browse the unrivaled collection, reserve and secure your desired designer luxury.

Two, LUXE Lend valet and detail your order, ensuring your items will arrive to you exceeding your expectations. 

Three, once your hire period has concluded on the last day, you package the item in the sustainable and re-useable packaging provided, secure it in the pre-paid return satchel, drop it to your nearest Australia Post yellow Express Box, or take it to any Australia Post office outlet.


What makes LUXE Lend different from all other designer bag hire platforms?  

Well, that's easy. 

The service is world-class excellence, the ability to curate and identify fashion styles and forecast trends, the innovative business approach, and cut through are second to none. The fleet of designer handbags for hire is unrivaled, unique, and out of the box. Yet they still cater to the classic icons, a staple they tell me for any exclusive soiree! 

This is just the beginning, stay tuned

Birkins in Business  - LUXE Lend 

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