Fendi Baguette - the 'IT GIRL" Bag for Party Season

Fendi Baguette - the 'IT GIRL" Bag for Party Season

"It's not just a bag. Its a BAGUETTE" - Carrie Bradshaw

The Fendi Baguette has reached unparalleled fame, and it is said to now be the "IT GIRL' Bag as we see out 2023 this party season. But it is far more then just a seasonal piece, the Fendi Baguette Bag is a timeless fashion icon. 

LUXE Lend Designer Handbag Hire Australia is taking over the Gold Coast and Brisbane by storm. Let's just say it is the answer to all of our style and designer dreams, you can now look good, and feel great without the dreaded credit card remorse. You can now rent the designer handbags of your dreams at an affordable price! The designer luxury library includes the most iconic designer handbags, including the "IT GIRL" Fendi Baguette Bag in black. LUXE Lend offer Australia-wide express delivery, or if your lucky enough to be situated in designer paradise, they offer same day delivery for Gold Coast and Brisbane or collection by appointment on the Gold Coast. 

Designer Handbag Hire allows you to look fabulous without the commitment and cost of ownership. You can now change up your look all the time, for an occasional event, formal, wedding, ball, birthday, girls weekend or date night! And lets not forget the forever changing Instagram grid! The Designer Hire Luxury Library is unrivaled with a bag for every occasion. 

Now, back to the star of the show! The Fendi Baguette. An iconic creation in the world of fashion, continues to captivate with its timeless design and Italian craftsmanship. Since its debut in the late '90s, it has been a symbol of luxury and sophistication, gracing the arms of celebrities and trendsetters alike.

So, don't wait, stop the scroll and secure your dates to hire the Fendi Baguette Bag with LUXE Lend. 


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