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As I've matured, my aspirations have grown to encompass the world of luxury. The likes of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci have danced in my dreams for years. However, taking the leap into the world of high-end designer handbags was a daunting prospect. The price tags alone were enough to make my head spin, and I couldn't afford to make the wrong choice. THERE WAS NO ROOM FOR ERROR! 

That's when I stumbled upon a game-changer - LUXE Lend, a luxury handbag rental service. They grant you access to a treasure trove of designer handbags and jewelry, available for month-long borrowings. This opportunity felt like the perfect chance to road-test different designer handbags and jewelry items before taking the plunge into ownership. Let me share with you how this journey unfolded.

Becoming a Part of LUXE Lend

LUXE Lend offers a range of rental services, from one off hires to exclusive offered membership once you are vetted which grants you the opportunity to borrow the top tier pinnacle of designer handbags. Exquisite collectors items with a value that will bring a tear to your eye. 

The application process is a breeze; select your calendar dates, upload a valid drivers license and complete check out. 

Selecting Your Luxury Companion

With a dazzling array of designer handbags at your disposal, you might initially feel overwhelmed by the choices. But LUXE Lend streamlines the selection process seamlessly. You can filter your searches by designer - their collection spans classic and contemporary brands like Chanel, Prada, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton. Additionally, you can narrow down your choices by bag style, color, or material.

The LUXE Lend Experience

When you receive a handbag from LUXE Lend, it could be brand new or gently used by others before you. I was curious about the condition of my first rental, a Chanel Caviar Boy Bag. To my delight, it arrived in excellent condition, with only a few minor blemishes, and even included its own dust bag for safekeeping.

The freedom of choice was another highlight. After enjoying my Chanel Boy Bag for a weekend, I was eager to explore something different. LUXE Lend allows you to keep a handbag for the selected period, you only need to retain the original packaging for the return.

Over the next few months, I had the privilege of trying out three more handbags, including the Saint Laurent Medium Kate Shoulder Bag, which exhibited slight wear from normal use but was otherwise in perfect almost new condition. I also selected a mini Gucci Matelasse Shoulder Bag, and this arrived like it had never been out of the box! 

Why LUXE Lend Is a Game-Changer

LUXE Lend proved to be a remarkable experience for me. I had the opportunity to experiment with four high-end handbags at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them. The freedom to switch between handbags depending on my needs and mood was incredibly liberating, all without a long-term commitment.


While LUXE Lend offers a spectacular selection, it might not be suitable if you're eyeing a very specific bag or jewelry item that's in high demand. Availability varies, and sought-after pieces tend to be snapped up swiftly. Even with email alerts enabled for my wish list, I missed out on a Prada bag I had my heart set on because it was quickly booked by someone else.

In Conclusion

My LUXE Lend membership enriched my wardrobe with designer handbags I wouldn't have considered at their full retail prices. The option to rotate between handbags is ideal for those who enjoy variety and are flexible in their style preferences. For luxury newcomers like myself, who are keen on familiarizing themselves with a range of brands, it's a fantastic starting point.

In the end, LUXE Lend provided me with a taste of luxury, freedom of choice, and the ultimate bonus - allowing me the opportunity to experience luxury I wouldn't of been able to get my hands on, due to extensive wait lists, vetting process and ultimately the sales associate connections. 

LUXE Lend is your luxury Fairy Godmother. 

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